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Our Founder and Developer

George Bayless

George had the idea for RGM OUTDOORS several years ago when he was developing ENVIO-WEIGHTS. ( www.envio-weights.com ) and realized the independent dealer we had all grown up with were going out of business in the face of the growing mass merchandisers.  This trend was really hurting the new fisherman and woman because they were losing their source of information.

When George Developed The Step above fishing Systems it became apparent that there was a need for the dealer base in order to service the product and to work with the groups with the disabilities.  The name has now been changed to RGM Technical Assist

George is leaving the active day to day operations of the company to others to concentrate on the development of new products for the technical assist division

Feb. 2007 a milestone was achieved when George was appointed to the International Committee of the International Game Fish Association.  www.igfa.org

2008 George was elected into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame for his early work with environmentally friendly fishing Tackle.  www.freshwater-fishing.org

Our Staff

As soon as we get the pictures and information on all the key staff, they will be posted here.

Our History

The first manufacturing was with ENVIO-WEIGHTS, a lead alternative weight material for fishing weights, buzz and spinner baits and jigs of all sorts.  We have been working on other applications that need weights, but not the use of lead.  Other applications are drapery weights and weights used in the clothing and bedding of children with autism.


Our future is bright with the development of our dealer base, development of more items for the product for our Technical Assist programs and the quality products for RGM OUTDOORS to be offered though our dealers.  ENVIO-WEIGHTS starting in 2013 is sold under the TA Tackle label to all tackle shops, not just RGM Ootdoors dealers. We look forward to a growing base of dealers, quality product line and more individuals enjoying fishing worldwide.











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