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Our Founder and Developer, George Bayless Please see Founder

Our Ownership

As of 10-1-2017 the company became an employee owned company.  Every employee, after the 6 month probation period, will receive one share of stock.  More stock can be purchased based on the value of the company.  When they leave the company their stock will be bought back at the book value of the stock the day they leave the company.

Our management

The management will consist of a CEO and a CFO.  Also there will be no outside sales representatives.  We will have our own employees work with dealers and distributors.  Our divisions will include Adaptive Equipment with a head of that department.  A specialist in Toothy Fishing with their own manager, Catfish with their own manager and a salmonoid division and manager, a bass specialist and manager and a saltwater specialist.  These managers and CEO and CFO represent the board of Directors.


RGM Outdoors is an equal opportunity employer for race, creed, religion and sex.



Our History

The first manufacturing was with ENVIO-WEIGHTS, a lead alternative weight material for fishing weights, buzz and spinner baits and jigs of all sorts.  We have been working on other applications that need weights, but not the use of lead. 


Our future is bright with the development of our dealer base, development of more items for the product for our Technical Assist programs and the quality products for RGM OUTDOORS to be offered though our dealers.  ENVIO-WEIGHTS starting in 2013 is sold under the TA Tackle label to all tackle shops, not just RGM Ootdoors dealers. We look forward to a growing base of dealers, quality product line and more individuals enjoying fishing worldwide.











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